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General Discussion / Beyond the Invisible
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General Discussion / Murray Energy Marshall County Mine Fatality
« Last post by prinnie on December 26, 2019, 01:44:22 PM »
UMWA mourns miner killed in West Virginia


DECEMBER 24, 2019
UMWA mourns miner killed in West Virginia

[TRIANGLE, VA.] United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) International President Cecil E. Roberts issued the following statement today:

“The hearts and prayers of the entire UMWA are with the family of Raymond L. Starkey, 21, who was fatally injured at the Murray Energy Marshall County mine near Moundsville, West Virginia, last night.
“Our safety experts are on the scene, working with the UMWA Local Union 1638 Safety Committee, the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, the West Virginia Office of Miners’ Health, Safety and Training, and the company to determine exactly what happened.

“We will not rest until we know the circumstances of Brother Starkey’s death, so that we can prevent something like this from ever happening again. I ask every mining family, indeed every American family, to lift up the Starkey family in your prayers this holiday season.”
True Crime Discussion / Boy kidnapped in 1964 found through ancestry sites
« Last post by prinnie on December 21, 2019, 12:58:30 PM »

by: MICHAEL TARM, Associated Press
Posted: Dec 20, 2019 / 05:46 PM EST   / Updated: Dec 20, 2019 / 05:46 PM EST   

FILE – This April 26, 1964 file photo shows new-born Paul Joseph Fronczak shortly after his birth at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. The baby was taken from his mother’s arms by a woman dressed as a nurse who told her he needed a medical exam and then never returned him to the nursery. (AP Photo, File)
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CHICAGO (AP) — A Michigan man recently identified as the newborn boy snatched from his mother in 1964 by someone posing as a maternity-ward nurse was found through commercial ancestry websites after the man or a child of his submitted DNA to the sites to learn more about their family tree, a genetic genealogist who played a role in the discovery told The Associated Press Friday.

Recent media reports have said the now-55-year-old man living in rural Michigan was the 2-day-old child of Chester and Dora Fronczak abducted on April 27, 1964, from a Chicago hospital. Those reports have not provided details about how he was located — other than to say DNA was involved.

But genealogist CeCe Moore revealed in a phone interview that she and an adopted son of the Fronczaks, Paul Fronczak, submitted DNA from one of the kidnapped boy’s close relatives to the ancestry sites in 2014 in what she described as a genetic fishing expedition.

The DNA was submitted to,, and, which, combined, have around 30 million DNA records, Moore said.

After Moore and Paul Fronczak submitted the DNA, all they could do was wait and hope for a long-shot occurrence: that the kidnapped boy-now adult or one of his own offspring would submit DNA to one the ancestry sites.

They finally got a notification last year through one of the sites that there was a match, Moore said. The notification included identifiers and ways to communicate with those who submitted the matched DNA.

Citing concerns about infringing on the privacy of the man and the Fronczak family, Moore declined to offer several key details, including the man’s name and where he lives in Michigan.

Dora Fronczak was 28 when her newborn son was abducted. She’s now in her 80s and still lives in the Chicago area.

“The most important thing is that he and his mother have a reunion,” Moore told the AP. “Our greatest wish is for that to happen.”

Moore couldn’t say why a reunion hasn’t yet happened.

Moore would not say who submitted the DNA that proved the Michigan man was the kidnapped boy. But she did say that the person wasn’t forced to submit the DNA through any legal or criminal proceedings. She said her understanding was that the motivation for sending in the DNA — as is the motivation for most people who use the DNA-service companies — was general curiosity about ancestry.

An FBI statement issued this week confirmed the investigation remains open and agents continue to pursue leads. But the statement stopped short of confirming the reports that the Michigan man was the child abducted five decades ago — first by Las Vegas television station KLAS and then by Chicago’s WGN-TV.
Foster family who raised slain 5-year-old explains how system repeatedly failed him
David Murray, Great Falls Tribune
Published 5:40 p.m. MT Nov. 22, 2019 | Updated 6:03 p.m. MT Nov. 22, 2019

On Thursday, the world learned of the horrifying death of 5-year-old Antonio Renova.

Renova’s broken and nearly lifeless body was discovered by Great Falls Police officers one day earlier. Court documents say he died at the hands of people who were supposed to protect him, his biological parents, Emilio Emmanuel Renova Sr. and Stephanie Grace Byington, and a guest found in the couple’s apartment, Rasco James Birdtail.

And while the public’s rage and sorrow may rise to a blinding fury, it will never match that of the family who raised him from infancy and hoped beyond anything else that they would one day be allowed to adopt him.

On Friday morning, Antonio Renova’s foster grandfather, Al Cotton, contacted the Tribune from his home in Alabama. Cotton said it was his duty to do what little he could to ease the anguish of his daughter and son-in-law, and that responsibility included telling Tony’s story.

“He had a name,” Cotton said, choking back tears. “His name was Tony.”

Tony was a little boy who loved to play in the mud, throw pebbles in the water and watch cartoons about Mickey Mouse. Until nine months ago, the only life Tony had ever known was with his foster parents, Christy and Jeff Foster, who brought Tony into their home in Columbus more than five years ago.

“They got Tony when he was three days old and had him until February of this year,” Cotton said. “They were all that he had ever known, and when you raise an infant from birth, basically you’re in love with them.”

Tony was not the first foster child Jeff and Christy Foster had cared for. Due to an early miscarriage, the Fosters had trouble having children of their own. Yet they were eager to become parents and took to foster parenting with energy and enthusiasm.

“They wanted a child so bad that they would take any child they could and would try to give them a better home than what they had had,” Cotton said.
True Crime Discussion / Re: Larry McClure, Amanda Naylor McClure and Anna Choudhary
« Last post by prinnie on November 18, 2019, 01:09:36 PM »
WELCH — A suspect in the grisly Skygusty murder has confessed to the crime in a letter to authorities. Meanwhile, information on an incestuous relationship between this suspect and his daughter, who is also charged with murder, has emerged.

Larry Paul McClure Sr., 55, of Pendleton, Ky., is charged with first-degree murder in the death of John Thomas McGuire, 38, of Minnesota.

McClure’s daughters, Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure, 31, of Chisago City, Minn., and Anna Marie Choudhary, 32, of Boone, N.C., are also facing first-degree murder charges in connection with McGuire’s death.

Amanda McClure was McGuire’s girlfriend.

McGuire’s body was discovered Sept. 24 in a grave at a Skygusty residence after a disclosure by McClure to West Virginia State Police officials.

Officials said McClure, a registered sex offender, told police where to find McGuire’s body after being arrested on a registry offense.

Testifying during a preliminary hearing for Choudhary on Nov. 5, West Virginia State Police Trooper K.M. Saddler said McGuire’s body was originally buried in the backyard of the Skygusty residence; however, it was later moved to a side-yard location where it was discovered by police.

During the hearing, Saddler, lead investigator on the case, said all three suspects were involved in McGuire’s murder.

“On or about Feb. 14, Mr. John McGuire was struck in the head with a bottle of wine, then tied up, and then injected with two vials of methamphetamine,” Saddler testified. “After the injection, he was strangled.”


In a letter to McDowell court officials dated Nov. 4, McClure confesses to the murder of McGuire and provides specifics of the crime. He writes in detail of McGuire’s suffocation/strangulation death and lists the roles he and his two daughters played.

McClure also states he is willing to plead guilty/no contest to the crime.

McClure paints his daughter Amanda McClure as ringleader of the murder but adds that he does not know her motive for the homicide.

“I cannot tell you why Amanda wanted John McGuire dead,” Larry McClure wrote, then alleging that Amanda was spending McGuire’s monthly Social Security checks.

“I am asking for this to be over and not waisting [sic} the taxpayers money and hurting the family members on both sides of this. John McGuires family and my family.

“All I can do is hope for mercy on this, but my sentence on this really does not matter because I am old and in bad health. I will never live to see the parole board in (15) years anyway and that is OK …

“I will say I am sorry for my part in this crime to both my family and John McGuire’s family.”
True Crime Discussion / Larry McClure, Amanda Naylor McClure and Anna Choudhary
« Last post by prinnie on November 18, 2019, 01:07:10 PM »
UPDATE: Dad and daughter have sex, get married after killing boyfriend in McDowell County

 Tyler Barker Nov 18, 2019, 10:55 am

UPDATE: November 18, 2019, at 10:50 am

WELCH, W.Va. (AP) – A suspect in the slaying of a Minnesota man whose remains were found in West Virginia has confessed in a letter to court officials and documents show he married his daughter after the killing.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reports 55-year-old Larry Paul McClure Sr. said in a Nov. 4 letter that he participated in the killing of 38-year-old John Thomas McGuire of Minnesota, who was his daughter’s boyfriend. The letter goes into detail about how McGuire was hit in the head, injected with methamphetamine and strangled.

McClure and his daughters, 31-year-old Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure and 32-year-old Anna Marie Choudhry, have been charged with murder.

A criminal complaint says nearly four weeks after the slaying, Larry and Amanda McClure married each other. West Virginia State Police Trooper K.M. Saddler said additional charges could be filed.

Conviction Date: 7/22/1998
Victim Relation: FAMILY MEMBER
Victim Sex: FEMALE
Victim Age: 6-12

Offense: First Degree Sexual Assault served approximately 17 years and 6 months in a correctional facility.

View Screen Capture

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New details released of a Jefferson County teacher charged with inappropriate contact with students

Ohio (WTRF)- New details have been released of a Jefferson County teacher who has been charged with inappropriate contact with students.

The suspect is 41-year-old Ronald Burkhead of the Rayland area.

Burkhead was a traveling teacher all over every school in Buckeye Local- he also taught private piano lessons.

The charges included are:

4 counts of sexual battery
3 counts of pandering obscenity
3 counts importuning
The reports came from a victim’s mother who discovered the information on Monday.

There are currently 2 victims. 2 male students in their teens.

School officials from Buckeye Local are fully cooperating and there’s no believe that any of the incidents took place on school property.

It’s believed that most of the incidents took place in a car, in a cemetery, at the suspect’s house, or at one of the victim’s homes.
A Buckeye Local Schools teacher is in custody at the Jefferson County Justice Center.

Ronald ‘Shane’ Burkhead was arrested by deputies on Monday, accused of sexual misconduct.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office held a news conference on Wednesday morning.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla, two male juvenile victims have come forward, claiming they have been sexually abused by Burkead in some way.

The investigation sparked Sunday night and eventually led to his arrest. So far, he faces several felony charges, including four charges of sexual battery.

Abdalla is worried these alleged victims may not be alone.

“I fear that there’s other individuals out there that may never come forward, may be too embarrassed to come forward, but I want to plead to the parents of the students in that district, this man was a traveling teacher, he went to school to school in the district, we want to know, did your child have one-on-one with this individual in certain classes, or this individual was also a piano teacher,” Abdalla said.
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