Trent Mays Accused of Sexual Assault…AGAIN

I really hate to say I told ya so, but…yeah…TOLD YA SO! I don’t think any of us that were involved in the Steubenville case or who followed the trial closely ever thought that Trent Mays would go silently into the night. Privately, we all discussed our fears that two years in juvenile detention was not long enough for him and that he would more than likely re-offend. His apology was more of an “I’m sorry I got caught” and based on his behavior, and how he preyed upon his victims knowing that they couldn’t fight back because they were too incapacitated to fight him off — it was just a matter of time before he had to hear his name again.

Trent is being accused of another assault — and he took photos. [insert not shocked face] He is now an adult and attends Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Somewhere between Xenia and Dayton, I believe. From early reports and discussions with students, it is becoming alarmingly obvious that no one even knew who Trent Mays was, let alone that he was a registered sex offender walking among the student body of CSU.

Tonight when news broke on Twitter, someone sent me a tip and I went looking. These are the tweets that I found. I am still in the process of verifying additional information about the allegations and will update as I know more information.

What I do know is that: Trent Mays should have been locked away for a long time. Just because he can throw a football should not mean that he gets special privileges. Once again, it feels like a situation where the school was protecting or concerned about their football program rather than the safety of young women on campus who a sexual offender may have access to without their knowledge.

EDIT: My previous web host has not provided me with my content backup so I saved a pdf version of this post from Google cache. You can read it here with comments intact.


  • Mousey

    As a parent and as a survivor, I want to thank you. You’re a brave lady.

    I reported my assault. My parents and I met with the prosecutor. My parents feared going to court would turn into a media and social media nightmare. After getting no punishment for the assault, the monster assaulted another girl. The second time there was no survivor. Unable to handle this horrific action and its aftermath, she took her own life. Second chances for criminals aren’t always deserved. Mays did time at a juvenile center. He was old enough to know what he did was wrong. Sexual predators, specifically pedophiles, belong in the general population of prison. Let gen-pop and prison officials turn a blind eye to what happens.

  • Elizabeth Handley

    Ever looked into the home life of Trent Mays? Where did he learn this grotesque behavior?

  • Pamela Studer

    I just watched the NETFLIX documentary last night. Though all involved and their lack of concern for the young woman was disturbing, this Trent Mays was down right disgusting and frightening. Just 10 minutes prior to reading this blog , I was telling my husband about the case and I said to him; “ that little bastard has no record since it was only juvenile court no one will know and he’s probably out there abusing”! He’s a menace to society. And all those that support that little shit are just as guilty. That’s sociopathic behavior. I’d like to say to you how proud I am of you for enlightening the public about this monster. He will continue to assault unsuspecting young women. It’s be great if that group that stood outside the courtroom would come back and make noise on this campus . Bless you for what you’re doing !! You’re a very strong woman and I hope for you that your involvement in this has helped you heal! Sending you love and strength !!

  • P. Byrd

    I, too, watched the documentary. Near the end it skated over a similar assault four month earlier involving. 14 year old. Mays dodged that bullet. In both cases I have to wonder where the parents were when these kids came home stinking drunk and barely coherent…both the boys and the girls.

  • I’m actually watching the Netflix documentary now. Decided to Google him, and this is what pops up….what a sorry excuse for a man.

  • Danielle Martinez

    Are you fucking serious? This is what happens when you let animals out of their cage

  • Vera

    Hello Alexandria! I just saw the netflix documentary and I just have to thank YOU! It was thanks to you that the whole movement was discovered ! I search for Trent and it is no surprise that if no one stops him, he will not stop, it just shows that more how he and others can get rid of his crimes. It is sincerely very sad! but I came here to comment because I would like you to know that I admire you immensely, I’m a social worker who has already feared for my life for the fight for truth and against injustice, and you with your courage at this moment for me you are a real a heroine, a true Woman. I hope to continue my work with no fear and every time in struggle believe me you are the reason for me to continue. THANKS! Love from Portugal
    *sorry for the bad English*

  • Just a MOM

    I agree – seriously – WHO or WHAT raises such disrespectful, ignorant, and little sociopaths?
    Absolute pukes. ALL of the boys heard on each of the video conversations are guilty of complicity and hopefully get the ass-end of karma one day.

  • Kari Bunch

    One look in 2012, and again with the Netflix doc, I thought “class A sexual predator ” … guess I’m right.

  • Candice Leigh

    Dear Alex, thank you for your authenticity and courage in bringing this to light. The system supports the perpetrators and the burden of proof lies with the victim. Enough! What message does this send when boys and men think it’s okay to abuse their positions of strength by assaulting an incapacitated young lady? What The misogynistic, and downright shameful, statements made about the young lady, by the men (and some women) in this documentary demonstrate the moral vacuum and lack of values propagated by social media.

    What I’d like to ask those people, the ones blaming the young lady, what if this were your daughter? Your sister? Your friend?

    Would they be so quick to blame?

    Thank you for sharing their story, and your own personal story, because it makes us feel less shameful and ensures that future survivors (although we don’t define ourselves by these experiences) have the safe space to speak up.

    Keep going! Keep inspiring others.

  • NA

    Thank you for once again giving this light. Anyone who’s laughing; I can imagine it happening to your children and you’ll have no one to ask to blame but yourselves. Disgusting the human trash being “raised” today. I’d smother the whole lot.

  • Jeremiah

    Thank you for bringing it to light again.

  • Chad Matthew McDaniel

    I just watched the Netflix documentary and I’m appalled by what I seen and heard. The audacity to blame the young lady. I was in a similar situation years ago however I was not drunk (i didnt drink at all) the young lady was extremely intoxicated and barely responsive, when a friend asked her if she wanted to have sex with me she did answer “yes”! I carried her to my room laid her in my bed and left her in the room alone. I sat outside the door ensuring no one entered and that she remained safe, untouched and UNRAPED! I was probably 16 and this was I think 1989 in a small town in Ohio (not Stuebenville)! I guess what I’m getting at is even then I knew her saying “yes” was not concent because she was intoxicated. So approximately 13 years later in 2012 I know these kids knew they were wrong! I’m disgusted by their actions and more disgusted by grown ass adults defending their actions. I know it does happen that a victim claims victim for their own personal reasons so I’m not saying that when a person claims rape its rape or it happened I’ve seen both sides (I was witness in two rape cases (both times the victims told me what happened after the fact and I pushed them to report it and I gave a statement ) both cases the victim was found to be making false statements) and I supported the victim not the cool unsub from the party or my bestfriend who was accused of the rape. I let the police or in the second case Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) do their job and I cooperated. The other thing these kids (exception Shawn McGhee) that sat by and watched or made jokes and laughed and didnt do a thing they are guilty too! And I am ashamed as a man and a fellow Ohioan!

  • Barrayaran

    Any updates?

  • alex

    None. She decided not to file charges.

  • N/A

    I just wanted to say thank you for your perseverance, dedication, and love that you have for true justice. I remember when the 2012 case was happening and I actually wrote an entire paper about it for one of my college courses to bring light to the situation because I was so enraged. It’s so hard to even fathom. It’s uplifting to see other women (or anyone who knows the horrors of being raped/sexually assaulted) be there for one another and remind each other we are not alone. You are everything real investigative journalism needs to be. Trent Mays needs to be put in jail and rot.

  • Sarah

    Hi there, i’m a swiss journalist and have just seen the Netflix doc too…. I often ask myself in such cases: what kind of values did the parents of these guys give them along the way? Maybe i’m wrong, but i believe, that children can be educated into strong characters so that they can distinguish between right and wrong, even in a group situation. Most people from school may never be seen again, that’s a limited time. With your own conscience, you have to cope the rest of your life….of course, this also applies to silent parents, hushing university leaders and misogynistic presidents ….

    thanks for your work

  • Dwil

    I thought we was for god for central and for state buddy ass crazed out n as a captain of the football team buddy a get beat straight the fuck up if we found out back n the days but hey guess we ain’t the same central no more lol

  • Matt

    Could you please link me a source to this claim?
    I can’t find anything at all on this.

  • alex

    The source is in the blog itself — the twitter account of the woman who posted it. There was no local news that covered this.

  • Samantha

    I’m not finding the link you are referencing when you said “Tonight when news broke on Twitter, someone sent me a tip and I went looking. These are the tweets that I found.”

    How can we view these tweets?

    Thank you.

  • alex

    The post that is there is from the old host. I will have to go back into the archive when I get my content back and find the screenshots. It looks like the original tweet has been deleted by the student. You can always search his name on Twitter to possibly find them.

  • Kathryn Molpus

    As a rape victim, I was horrified when I watched the documentary. Too bad all those involved including the dork “comedian” who made all the commentary on the video, aren’t in prison now being raped daily themselves. I did not report my rape because I feared what would happen to victims like this would happen to me. And unfortunately this woman still had the same fear. If there is a God, all of those involved, including any adults and/or parents who were aware of this and condoned or covered up anything, will get the bad karma that should be coming their way. Mays IS a sociopath and he will do it again if he isn’t stopped.

  • Angie

    I have worked with victims of sexual assault for a long time to include with law enforcement. My question is this. I have heard throughout the years that sometimes it is not up to the victim to file charges in an SA case especially if there is damning evidence like photos or videotape. Why doesn’t the DA file charges then because it can be argued he committed a crime against the state? It gets confusing sometimes when I hear this in my work. It is not consistent. I feel that they have the ability to file charges; maybe not an investigation at the school but the county does. I knew he would do this again. Anthony Craig will rape again and Ma’lik will as well. Simply heartbreaking.

  • S W B

    I just finished watching Roll Red Roll and wanted to send you some support and cyber high fives for the very important work that you do. I know you shared that you struggled with exploiting victims in the process, but voices for justice are needed. You are a voice for justice, a voice for the unheard. Keep on keepin’ on!

  • Rebecca Frye

    Please sign the petition to have him removed from Central State University

  • Robbie

    I said the same things to my family after watching the documentary as well. No remorse at all. His apology was BS. I said, that’s a predator and he is going to keep going until he is locked up for good. It’s not if he will reoffend. It’s if he will be caught and held accountable.

  • Kelly Slater

    This young man has now been involved in 3 different rape allegations being found guilty in just one. He has laughed, denied and said he was sorry for pic’s and video’s. Trent has not taken responsibility for his actions. With this being said you have to consider if and when rape isn’t enough to satisfy his psychotic needs… this a serial killer in the making????

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