Bullying Killed Denise Fernatt (Part I)

Yesterday I wrote about the Denise Fernatt case in Fayette County, West Virginia. As information comes in, I will continue to add to this case. It is becoming clear that individuals in the community who consider themselves the “elite” are involved and not one of them has been charged criminally for their actions and complicity in Denise’s death because West Virginia’s laws are antiquated and haven’t caught up with the internet. It is also looking like the Glasgow Police Department may have bungled this case from the onset because of individuals who were involved and probably because like many small town police departments, they just don’t have the technical abilities or qualifications to handle a crime that involves the internet and social media. It is also being alleged that Marty Blankenship tried to influence the investigation.

Since the post went up last night I’ve received additional information from locals about what took place to start all of this and how Crystal Foster and her friends Lesley TaylorMelody McCormickand others harassed and engaged in targeted abuse that ultimately caused Denise Fernatt to leap to her death. It is absolutely SHAMEFUL what these people did and it is ridiculous that there are no laws in West Virginia to protect adults from this type of harassment. Being a bitch is one thing, but actively targeting a woman who had a traumatic brain injury and had anxiety caused by this injury is disgusting. KNOWINGLY pushing her to the brink of what her emotions could handle which was a factor in her decision to jump to her death is unconscionable. These people are garbage.

From what I have been told, the issue between Crystal Foster and Denise Fernatt started when Crystal posted something on her Facebook about 420. Denise didn’t think it was appropriate because Crystal is a teacher’s aide and told her as much. Allegedly, Crystal Foster then began shit posting on her Facebook page and I’ve been able to get screenshots to verify. The following are posts that she made – all of which show the passive-aggressive behavior she was engaging in knowing that Denise would read the posts. And in the comments of her shit posts, all of her friends went along with it and giggled like a bunch of little kids. Actually, even kids aren’t as evil as these people were. It’s hard to understand what motivates a person to want to hurt another so badly that they kill themselves. THAT is beyond sick and says a whole helluva lot about the people involved. 

Once the private photos of Denise were stolen from her computer, they were distributed via text and Facebook to other people. I still haven’t heard how or who stole them, so if anyone wants to volunteer that information — contact me. These individuals posted them around town. I am told that they were taken to a local business (Custom Print & Designs in Glasgow) and were printed in color. Yes, the owner of that business actually printed off color copies of those photos. This is a small town. EVERYONE knows everyone. Surely he had to know that there were shenanigans afoot. 

They then posted them on utility poles, on the church door where Denise taught Sunday school. They were even sent to her employer. What’s even more despicable is these ghouls then posted about them on the sphincter hole of the internet — Topix!! Let me tell you…only the lowest, nastiest human garbage takes to Topix to shit post and harass someone. But, they did. These individuals went out of their way to harass Denise Fernatt and all because Crystal Foster got butt hurt over her lack of tact and maturity in handling another’s opinion. 

I am told that the screenshot below is a post that Marty Blankenship posted on the day that he was served with the civil suit filed against him and his co-defendants. It refers to the New River Gorge Bridge – where Denise took her life. HE POSTED a photo regarding the New River Gorge Bridge — when he was being legally accused of causing Denise Fernatt to jump from the NEW RIVER GORGE BRIDGE.

I had opined previously that Marty was using a photo of him riding across the New River Gorge Bridge to be a passive aggressive ass. I now feel pretty comfortable believing that he is purposely using the profile picture as some sort of despicable statement to Denise’s family and to be honest, his behavior is testimony to what a cowardly eunuch he truly is. 

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