Fire & Iron MC Members Accused of Causing Suicide of Denise Fernatt

On August 5, 2017 Denise Fernatt jumped to her death from the New River Gorge Bridge. The bridge stands 876 feet above the New River. Six days prior her “friends” began posting personal photos that they retrieved from her laptop without permission. The photos were boudoir photographs meant to be shared between a husband and a wife. Instead, these ghouls stole them and for six days, they tormented and harassed Denise so much that she jumped from the bridge. They used social media and even went so far as to print out pictures to plaster all over town in order to destroy her life, family and her career. Denise felt so threatened by these individuals that she was worried about her personal safety. These were not kids who were engaging in this behavior. They were ADULTS and men and women who are in their 40s. They participated in a concerted and calculated effort to harm this woman psychologically and they wanted her to commit suicide.

Last week on July 29th a civil suit was filed by Denise’s husband, Roy against the individuals and the motorcycle club they are members of. After Denise died, a police investigation was initiated but no criminal charges were filed even though there were THOUSANDS of texts and messages sent among the group where they were plotting to make Denise’s life a living hell. Amanda Holmes texted her friend Lesley Foster that “I will make the silly blonde with a head injury want to kill herself”. West Virginia’s cyberbullying laws only cover juveniles and not adults. There is a revenge porn law, but the prosecutor stated that there was no nudity in the photographs and therefore, charges could not be brought under the statute.

According to the lawsuit, the photos in question began being posted in public places on July 30, 2017. These places included the local police station, the church where Denise taught Sunday school. The photos were allegedly posted on the front door of the church so she would experience maximum embarrassment when she showed up to teach Sunday school. They were posted at the fire station property, on signs, utility poles and bulletin boards around town, as well as being posted on Facebook to some of the local yard sale groups. The photos were also sent to Denise’s employer at the Fayette County Courthouse probation office on August 4, 2017. Denise’s boss immediately gave her a letter stating that she was being suspended without pay pending an investigation. She had worked in the probation office for 17 years.

The complaint says the photographs were posted “in ways calculated to open to public view private aspects of decedent’s life that decedent had not opened to view, including decedent’s sexual orientation, address and telephone number.” These individuals went out of their way to torment this woman to death, and they succeeded.

The defendants include Kanawha County residents Marty BlankenshipLesley TaylorCrystal FosterAmanda Tucker, aka, Amanda Holmes, a Jane Doe, a John Doe, the Florida-based Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club and Local Chapter 40 of the Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club.

It is very disturbing to find out that Crystal Foster is a 4th Grade Braille teacher’s aide at Sharon Dawes Elementary School. If this woman had no problem bullying, intimidating, and harassing a woman until she jumped to her death – why would anyone want her around their children? How could anyone trust someone like this around their children?

The Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club and the local chapter, including its members and its officers, are alleged to have known that the bullying and hazing would occur, encouraged and ratified the actions, and failed to take steps to prevent the actions, the lawsuit said. 

Members of the Fire & Iron Club are: (again…these are grown ass men running around calling each other beefnuts and goober). 
David “Kermit” Tucker, President
Marty (Dog) Blankenship, Vice President
Scott (Fish) Stephenson, Sgt. at Arms
BJ (Beefnuts) Lusher, Sgt at Arms
DJ (Goober) Fragale, Secretary
Ray (Digger) Bryant, Treasurer

Their club logo is the “shocker” which is really crass. They all seem a bit trashy, to be honest. These are supposed to be fire fighter and EMS professionals and well…you’ll see. The shocker, also known colloquially as “two in the pink (vagina), one in the stink (anus),” is a hand gesture with a sexual connotation. The ring finger and thumb are curled or bent down while the other fingers are extended. The index and middle fingers are kept together and the back of the hand faces outwards. Wikipedia

The photo above is currently being used by Marty Blankenship as his Facebook profile picture. Marty has been accused of harassing Denise and as the VP of the motorcycle club, he is alleged in the lawsuit to have had knowledge of or ratified the harassment and targeted abuse that Denise endured. The photo is of him and his wife riding across the New River Gorge Bridge – the same bridge that Denise Fernatt jumped from due to the harassment by him and his friends. That’s pretty sick and comes off as a really disgusting slap in the face to Denise’s family. Surely he could have used another picture.

While I was researching and going through Facebook pages it became clear that Marty Blankenship, Amanda Tucker Holmes and Lesley Taylor frequently harassed others online and as recently as last week, Blankenship was looking for information on an individual so he could have a talk with him. His request for information in the past has been sought so that one of his “brothers” could get a hold of them. Marty comes off as a real asshole. Actually, all of them are assholes. Decent people don’t purposely set out to cause someone to harm themselves. Decent people don’t plan, plot and maliciously seek to destroy someone’s life. Decent people don’t do the hateful things these assholes did. These are not decent people.

Marty Blankenship Just to let everyone know this POS got his speech tonight. Wasn’t from one of my fellow brothers in the club, but from one that has blue lights on top of his ride. Once again he’s got jewelry on his wrist and going back to visit bubba for his sheer pleasure. Mr Dillard it wasn’t me picking on your boy this time, it was one that enforces the law when POS breaks it. Hopefully the court system will see this time around to keep him in jail. It’s evident this POS must have a favorite behind bars to keep breaking the law so he can get back inside the jail to fulfill his backside need.

The rats are scurrying and locking down their social media…not before I had a chance to grab stuff. A woman is dead because of how bad they tormented her. Everything that I have read about Denise is that she was a wonderful person and was kind to everyone. In return, these ghouls killed her. They shamed her and tormented her and got great joy in doing so. So meet the shit heels. Their names should be forever etched into the ether so people know that they tormented a woman to death.

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