Steubenville Pastor Everett Mitchell INDICTED

Pastor Everett C. Mitchell, 40, of 1644 Roosevelt Ave. was indicted on two counts each of sexual battery and attempted sexual battery, single counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and sexual imposition. Mitchell is the pastor at Tower of Power Ministries, Steubenville, Ohio. I would also like to mention that the ONLY local media to report his indictment is the newspaper. Once again, local news WTOV9 is silent on a matter of public interest.

I have known about this case for a few years and know that YEARS ago one of the young ladies told her principal at Big Red (Steubenville High School). The principal (although I don’t know who was at that time) accompanied one of the girls to the police department to report the sexual abuse. Nothing happened. No charges were brought. Nothing. In fact, Everett Mitchell threatened both victims that if they went to the police he would destroy their lives. His parishioners shunned the girls and their mother for making the accusations. He told them that sexually assaulting them is what fathers do to their daughters to show how much he loves them and to teach them how to have sex. He is also accused of abusing the girls in the church.

Mitchell’s wife, who refers to herself as the “First Lady” was informed of the sexual abuse. She did NOTHING.

Mitchell is a girls’ track coach at (wait for it) Steubenville High School.

I have heard from others that there are more victims out there. PLEASE, please come forward. If there are other victims out there, now is the time to speak out. I will try to find resources for you, but please come forward.

Mitchell will be arraigned on Wednesday at Jefferson County Common Pleas Court.

UPDATE: Everett was arraigned on Wednesday and was released on his own recognizance. I’m curious as to why he wasn’t required to post bond. I reviewed over 200 criminal cases for Jefferson County and of the less than one dozen cases that I found which were sexual crimes – not one of them was a case in which a recognizance bond was allowed.

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