Where Are They Now?

FINALLY! Everyone was able to see the documentary Roll Red Roll on POV/PBS last night and since then I’ve had a lot of people asking where are they now? So…I am going to provide some information. I hadn’t kept up with any of the kids involved over the years until about a month ago when I figured I should take a look in case people were asking, and of course, to satisfy my own curious nature. I ask questions like, how had they changed from uncaring adolescents to hopefully more compassionate adults? Had they left the microcosm of Steubenville for other places where they would see that life elsewhere isn’t like it is in the valley? Many of them appear to still be close friends. Some look like they have changed – others…not so much. Those who haven’t changed much, I truly hope that women who date them or befriend them will do a search on their names so that they are at least informed.

Jane Doe

She is living her best life. <3

Trent Mays

Trent Mays was adjudicated delinquent and spent two years in juvenile detention. Upon his release he didn’t return to Steubenville High School. Instead he went to the neighboring school system and did not play football there, that I am aware of. Upon graduation he went to Hocking Technical College near Athens, Ohio and was the team captain and quarterback of the newly formed football team. There was pushback from the community, but nothing really became of it. Go figure. It’s yet more evidence that athletics holds a higher place in society than doing what’s right or protecting women from sexual predators. Trent left Hocking College and somehow ended up at Central State University in Ohio. I spoke with former employees there who told me that no one knew Trent was transferring there – not even the Title IX coordinator. It was said that it was solely the athletics department who brought him in. There wasn’t much notice of him on campus until he was accused of sexual assault…again.

Trent Mays won’t be found on a public sex offender registry as Ohio law allows juveniles to register with their Sheriff’s Department in the county they reside in and the only way for someone to know if someone who was convicted as a juvenile is on a sex offender list is to call the Sheriff’s Office. Trent should have graduated from Central State this spring. It is unknown whether he has returned to Steubenville or not.

Ma’lik Richmond

Ma’lik Richmond was adjudicated delinquent and spent 10 months in juvenile detention. Upon his release, he returned to Steubenville High School and wait for it…rejoined the football team.

A convicted rapist who was at the center of one of the ugliest sagas in recent prep sports history is back on his school’s football team, less than two years after the alleged assault took place.

As reported by Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS and Wheeling, W. Va. CBS affiliate WTRF, among other outlets, Ma’lik Richmond rejoined the Steubenville High Big Red football team on Monday with the blessing of the team’s longtime head coach, Reno Saccoccia.

Richmond was released from juvenile detention in January 2014 after serving 10 months following his conviction on sexual assault charges. Richmond’s conviction classified him as a Tier II sex offender, which requires him to register with state officials every 180 days for the next 20 years. It’s no surprise that Richmond’s reinstatement generated a firestorm of controversy both in Ohio and nationwide, as many expressed outrage over the perceived leniency in his punishment.

Source: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/2014/08/14/malik-richmond-convicted-steubenville-rapist-back-schools-football-team/14074967/

Ma’lik then went on to attend Youngstown State and was able to get on the football team. His arrival there was not well received by the women at the school and they petitioned the university and had protests. Ma’lik was removed from the team and responded with a lawsuit which eventually settled. The university allowed him back on the football team. It is said that he is training and is trying to play football professionally.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -A settlement has been reached in the civil rights lawsuit filed by a Youngstown State University football player against the university according to a court document.

Ma’lik Richmond, of Steubenville, filed the lawsuit Sept. 13 after Youngstown State University allowed him to join the football team and then told him he couldn’t play this season.

A judge issued a temporary order the next day allowing Richmond to play until a Sept. 28 hearing on whether to make the order permanent.
Richmond played in the home game that following weekend.

Some members of the community expressed outrage upon learning that Richmond was one of two high school football players who was convicted of raping a 17-year-old girl at a party. Richmond served a year in juvenile detention as a result.

A motion filed Monday in U.S. District Court by attorneys representing both sides asks for the case to be dismissed, saying that the issues have been resolved.

Ma’lik petitioned the juvenile court to remove his sexual offender status and his petition was granted. He will never have to register as a sex offender again.

Mark Cole

Mark Cole’s home is where the crime occurred and location C in the documentary. As you recall, Mark Cole, Anthony Craig and Evan Westlake were all granted immunity for their testimony. Mark joined the USMC and is back in the Steubenville area coaching wrestling and some sort of MMA fighting as evidenced by an ad on his Facebook page.

Marine Corps vet living life one day at a time snap @magic_mark35

Anthony Craig

Anthony graduated from college. He was implicated in the April 2012 rape but was never charged. Currently he is involved in youth sports in Steubenville.

Evan Westlake

Evan Westlake filmed the infamous Nodi video. He may be going to pharmacy school, but not much was ever heard of or from him after the case went viral. He and the others have stayed out of the spotlight. 

Michael Nodianos

After graduation “Nodi” went on to OSU with a full scholarship and had to leave Ohio State University when people found out he was attending there. His video is so repugnant that it will probably follow him for the rest of his life, and he has never spoken publicly about it nor apologized. In fact, none of those involved have ever made any public statement of apology for their behavior and I doubt they ever will.

Farrah Marcino

Farrah was the young girl seen in the beginning of the film while speaking to detectives where she said she didn’t intervene because Jane Doe wasn’t one of her friends. Farrah is a mother now and I can only hope that as a mother she will teach her daughter to be kind to others and to look out for them – even if they are outsiders. So much would be different from that night if just one person had reached out to an adult or to police to help Jane Doe.

Mike McVey, Former Steubenville Superintendent

He resigned and was later hired as a principal at a neighboring elementary school. It blows my mind that anyone would hire him after being charged with tampering with evidence and trying to cover up rapes.

Defamation Suit & Mean Tweets

In October I was sued for defamation by the Saltsman family. Cody Saltsman, the ex-boyfriend of Jane Doe, is who took the picture of her being carried by her wrists and ankles. Not only was I sued, but 25 John Doe anonymous commenters were sued. It is my belief, that the goal was to unmask the anonymous identities of my commenters here so that their identities would be known. This concerned me greatly because they were nearly all locals and were using pseudonyms to protect themselves from backlash in town. Through my attorneys Jeff Nye and Tom Hardin we were able to get the ACLU of Ohio involved to represent the commenters here and on December 27, 2012 a press release was issued by the ACLU that the Saltsmans were dismissing the case with prejudice and that I would allow Cody to post an apology here on my blog.

I was living in California during this time and had gone to great lengths to keep my location private. I had to leave my home in the Mojave Desert because the wife of one of the Ohio BCI agents on the case posted my address on Twitter. I don’t know how she was able to get the address. I didn’t even get mail at my home. I had 4 miles of sand in either direction to a main road and the mail didn’t even deliver to my house, but somehow she was able to obtain my physical location and posted it on Twitter – surely as a means of intimidation since she was friends with and participated in the harassment that was occurring. The sad thing is – at one time I considered her my best friend. I was her maid of honor and when the chips fell, she chose to side with her community. Her mother, Georgiann Allen, who is in her 70s tweeted to me that she hoped my friends and I got AIDS and died a slow death. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? Overall, I really think that it shows the culture in Steubenville among some in town. They have never had consequences based on who they are and so they think they can act this way without consequence.

There were many Steubenville football moms, teachers, court system staff and even the Jefferson County Assistant Prosecutor got involved.

There are so many screenshots that I just can’t post here. It would take forever to load, but I did take all that I could find minus a ton in pdf form and self published a book of screenshots that I gathered during my research and that documented the harassment once I had started blogging about the case.

As for me…I got REALLY sick due to the stress this caused me. I ended up getting diverticulitis and had to have a colon resection. 8″ of colon…thank ya very much. Oh, and I finally bought a lampshade LOL I was so sick in that scene where I am talking about not filing a lawsuit just because someone is mean. I was only about a month post-op resection and was in pretty bad shape. WORST SURGERY EVER! Oh yeah….and I quit smoking. Yay me!

I’m living in Columbus, Ohio now. I really don’t like Ohio and hated that I had to come back here, but at the time it was the least likely place any crazy person would look for me. Finally I couldn’t stand the fact that I felt I was living in hiding so I disclosed that I was in Columbus and essentially took away any power that these people had with their threats or intimidation of knowing where I lived. 

Winnie and Wilson are doing great! Wilson is 17 years old and Winnie is 9. And I have two birds now. It’s a zoo here, but I like it.

I’m good. Life has had its ups and downs but that’s life, right? We are malleable, ever-changing beings and we adapt and overcome. Life is filled with good and bad and it is up to us to pick what we focus on. I opt to focus on the good and cling desperately to hope that things will get better and that they WILL change.

I think employers in my town are probably afraid when they Google me, so I am looking for work. I’m available for speaking engagements and training. If you need research or consulting work — give me a yell! You can check my other site for credentials and what I do: alexandriagoddard.me

Here are some obligatory pics of the dogs and birbs. Have a great day!


  • Katy Obert

    I salute your integrity. I hope you gain the respect you deserve upon reception of that horrific documentary “Roll Red Roll”. Good luck on your job hunt.
    Take care of yourself.

  • Ann

    Wondering what ever happened to Reno Saccoccia

  • alex

    He is still coaching.

  • Todd Walters

    Thank you. I’m watching the documentary with my 16 year old Son. I think it should be a mandatory watch for high school students. My 13 year old daughter will see it when it’s appropriate. Again, thank you and continue your journey.

  • alex

    Thank you for watching with your son. These conversations need to start at home and you are doing right by him. Thanks again!!

  • Kass

    I’m just starting to watch the video on Netflix and had to let you know that you are a powerhouse and a legend. We need bold, brave powerful women like you.

    I’m only 22 minutes into the documentary and normally don’t swear but have been yelling F*** YOU at those young men, young women and old farts who justify this hurtful, revolting behavior.

    Jane Doe did not deserve this. I wish her a happy, peaceful life knowing that many good people are in her corner. We know right from wrong and what happened to her was wrong.

    Steubenville will forever have a nasty reputation. Just google it and see what comes out on top.

  • alex

    Thank you. I really appreciate the supportive words.

  • Janet Wattus

    I am watching the Documentary now and I’ve got to say, I am shocked and horrified at those teenage boys. It makes me wonder how their parents raised them and what they spoke about while they were growing up. I’m from Australia and we don’t have all that hype around school sports like it is over there, and I can only imagine what it is like, but that should not give anyone an automatic pass to do what they like. Like you said, football should not be held in higher esteem than what is right and moral. I take my hat off to you for speaking up ! We need more people like you in this world !

  • alex

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Lawrence

    I’m just blown away by your investigative work and changing the course of this case. Truly amazing.

  • Jennifer

    I followed this case on your blog when it was unfolding. I will never forget the disgust and horror I felt reading what this girl went through and the way these other kids were treating her like trash.

    I’m so glad the work you put into documenting the vile things that happened that night is now in a documentary that many people who weren’t aware of the case will see. I really hope parents can use it as a teaching moment for their kids. I admire your integrity and courage to fight back against the toxicity that surrounded everything about this case.

  • jade mitchell

    It’s sickening to see Reno Saccoccia speaking with the police. What sort of school official uses foul language when speaking with the police investigating a serious crime? He’s the highest paid individual in the school district and revered. The football field is named for him. This is how you end up with a culture like the one in Steubenville.

  • Linda Carnegliaa

    I’m 64, rape survivor, two daughters 23 and 24 – about the age Jane Doe in 2012. Thank you for your voice and your courage. Truly, Alex, God bless you and protect you.

  • Roxy

    Came across the doco on Netflix, checked the synopsis, and was too chicken to watch it so I just read about it on some sites. It’s past 4 a.m. here in the Philippines, and this crime kept me awake. How can those blokes have acted so casually on what they did? It’s frightening that people like that exist. Shame on the community who supported those rapists. I hope Jane Doe is living the best life there is. Thank you for bringing attention to this case.

  • JP

    Greetings from Europe

    “the ex-boyfriend of Jane Doe, is who took the picture of her being carried by her wrists and ankles. ” the ex boyfriend was there ? and did nothing ? he filed a lawsuit against you ? can you elaborate on that ?

    Thank you

    Great work I am watching the Documentary on netflix from Portugal

  • alex

    Yes, he was at the parties and is who took the photo of her being carried. Later in October he and his parents filed a lawsuit against myself and 25 “John Doe” anonymous commenter from the blog for defamation. We were able to get legal representation for the commenters when the ACLU stepped in to help them. It was at this time that they dismissed their lawsuit with prejudice. Unfortunately, because I have lost all of the content from my previous host – all of that information is now gone unless you are able to find a google cache of the post. 🙁

  • Dave

    The Roll Red Roll documentary is eye-opening. I made my sons watch it, but not just for the obvious lessons about right and wrong. There is also a lesson about risk. In this age of pervasive cell phones & social media, you don’t have to commit a crime to ruin your life.

    Just ask that Nodi kid, or any of the other kids who’s abhorrent behavior was immortalized by social media.

  • Perry Montuori

    And all of these people are back in Steubenville like nothing happed. This just goes to show you as long as you play ball or you parents are rich you can get away with anything. I hope one day they are parents and all this same shit happens to them better yet they should just fall off the face of the earth and never be seen again.

  • MsThang

    I cannot thank you enough. You are my hero! You freakin ROCK, sistah!!!! This is the only way things will change. You brought it to the light. Rape culture is real. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!

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  • Samantha

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m not a mother yet but when I am I intend to show my children this documentary, and others, probably when they start middle school. My mom was a crime reporter when I was growing up and she always got weird looks from friends, family members and observers when they watched her tell her young daughter the truth about the world– that there are rapists, murderers, thefts, liars and cheats and that they come in all shapes, colors, sizes ages and MOST of them look like “a nice person.” That said, her daughter grew up to graduate at 16 as the Valedictorian and went on to finish University with Honors and 3 degrees. I’ve never had a major injury, never been stolen from, never been disrespected by a peer in a way I could not handle, never had anyone put a hand on me that wasn’t welcomed, and have walked away from a half-dozen situations I felt could lead to danger for me, because I was IN TUNE to those risks and the “bad feelings” I had about them. That said, I’ve lived a wild fun adventurous life and not ONCE felt sheltered. I was given independence and privacy in my life because my mom knew I had a good head on my shoulders and truly understood how to be smart and protect yourself in this world. For that, every judgemental look my mom ever received is worth it, and I intend to do the exact same for my children. Good on you for showing your kids “the hard stuff” now– it’s worlds’ better than having to question “what if” after a tragedy. We all want to protect our kids from the big bad evil stuff in this world, but that doesn’t mean pretending it doesn’t exist. That does the exact opposite.

  • Adell

    When I first heard about this case, I thought poor girl. Now I’m a mother of 2 young boys who is starting to realize the type of conversations to be had when they are older. My hat off to you for your work and exposing the nature of these young men at the time. It’s shocking to know that the Coach was never reprimanded for not following school policy. It makes me wonder if any changes were made in policy because of this incident-Do you know if the school district changed it’s policy? I do hope Jane Doe and the other 14 year old Girl at the time are able to live their life without shame and in peace because they are survivors and I wish you the best with finding work

  • JC

    It’s not on archive.org ?

  • alex

    No, a lot of it isn’t. 🙁

  • Anna Henry

    Seems as though Anthony got off easy yet he was a huge part of the April and August incident!! It was more than obvious he was lying about the reason he took the photos to go to his Dad🙄 and that absolutely obnoxious and disgusting kid Michael Nodi I would love to be at his dinner table with his parents ,he had to of gotten that Narcissistic disgusting way of thinking from somewhere I guarantee you nine times out of 10 kids are getting it from their households and from what they hear growing up Any updates on whether or not that disgusting trashy kid grow up to be somewhat of a Respectable man? And how did 17-year-old Malik spend a year in juvenile detention and not graduate high school while incarcerated ,as so when he got out of juvenile detention he was able to go back to high school And play football ? Then OMG The young ladies classified as students who were speaking that you have to take ownership and responsibility for your actions and putting yourself in the situations. When will these young people learn that just because you drink too much and you’re laying there does not mean you’re inviting somebody to come and stick their penis in your anus and have your friends take pictures, what in their freaking right minds tells these simple minded ignorant young ladies that this girl Jane Doe should take responsibility because she asked for that by getting drunk and passing out and on top of that the boys carried her passed out …from house to house ???

  • Anna Henry

    My apologies a bit heated after watching the documentary😡 wondering did that local DJ Bloomdaddy ever speak anything encouraging or backing Jane die as he so proudly broadcasted that “some girls get drunk and lie staring they were raped because they feel guilty and shamed to say the “truth” that they got drunk and “decided” to have a train ran on them” WTH is wrong with this influencer… when you are DRUNK ( in her case Incapacitated drunk) you can’t make a Consensual decision to have a dang train ran on you !!!! 😡😡😡😡 please tell me Jane Doe and her family don’t live there anymore

  • Gustavo Guardincerri

    I saw the documentary, I think you are such a great fighter and example for our society. I’m not from the US, but I think this kind of crimes happen all over the world. Congratulations on your work, truth must always win. I’m sure you already save a lot of girls by scaring a lot of boys because of what happened in this story. Hopefully we can race our children in a way that they respect each other as human beings, but first lots of thing must change in this world. Congratulations again, you have all my admiration and respect. Gustavo from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Siân

    “Roll Red Roll” aired on BBC 2 this week as part of their “Storyville” doc series. What truly stunned me was the coach. He was a prime example of male social retardation during his police interview. Unfortunately, it’s pretty pervasive. I just can’t believe that he kept his job. I wouldn’t want my child near someone so f*cking ignorant, but evidently that’s still the mindset of Steubenville and many other areas. Nothing good comes from football worship. Seriously – the head injuries alone should put an end t it, but not when it’s the entrenched only game in town. Nowt for the girls – except adoration of the players. That’s no way to live. But they love it. High school boys actually running a town. Everything is for them. All that power, yet really f*cking ignorant about everything, except football of course. The adults look pathetic in their worship of these children. I’m gonna be d sad I know!

  • Siân

    Meant to say – I’m gonna be sick.

  • Casey Lyons

    This is the sickest thing I’ve ever had to see and process. How can this even be real that so many people would stand behind a rapist in order to save their precious football program is beyond me. It’s a game. That’s all. This was a girls life! I honestly wish there was something I could do in order to take him down. I’d do it in a hot second. No one fought for me including myself so it’s only right someone should fight for the future of our American women. Take a stand everyone. Fight for consent. Fight for your daughter. No matter what. Fight.

  • Casey Lyons

    That damn coach got on my nerves wanting to call rape something else. No stupid call it exactly what it is!!!!

  • Cathy Eckert

    I am rewatching this on Netflix in March of 2021 nearly 12 years after this horrendous crime occurred and unfortunately the rape culture has not diminished and may be even more prevalent in society than ever as victim blaming still permeates through our communities. These young men are predators who have been allowed, excused, defended and openly encouraged to believe this rape and abuse of a vibrant young woman is acceptable and this is why it continues to happen regardless of the outrage. This abuse is universal and culturally accepted as normal and appropriate for men and many other women to minimise and refute that an assault occurred as the women was acting inappropriately! The vitriol is still raw and shameful for those brave enough to relive and report violence whilst many as we are learning choose to end their pain permanently. Real men are needed to show real leadership and not repeat the usual bullshit about being better and that not all men are abusers because the same thing keeps happening with the same protections provided by misguided and disgusting individuals as the stereotypical misogynist football coach! Thanks for your dedication to this struggle.

  • Jane Doe

    If you want your next big story, look at rape cases at Duke University. The Title IX coordinator, Victoria Krebs, consistently tells women that they do not have enough evidence to pursue. Victims go to Dean Krebs for help.
    She does not refer the victim to the police, she acts as investigator and judge and tells the victim to quietly go away. This protects the University from lawsuits and leaves the women devastated with no path to justice.

    In 2018, 48% of female undergraduates reported having been sexually assaulted since coming to Duke. This means over 1,700 undergraduate women have been sexually assaulted. Yet in the 2018-2019 academic year, only 169 reports were made to the Office of Student Conduct. Students know that it is not worth reporting because Dean Krebs will not support the victim in pursuing charges. Further, of the 169 reports made last year, only NINE were referred for investigation. Six of those resulted in hearings. Three individuals were found responsible. Out of 169—three. Those are the odds survivors are up against when they have been sexually assaulted at Duke University.

    Someone needs to investigate this. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against Duke University and Dean Krebs. Someone needs to help these young women find justice. Someone- like you.

  • Angie Pendragon

    I have just finished watching Roll Red Roll, and im shocked at the whole documentary from start to end… I applaud your bravery for starting a conversation on your blog that I believe in some way started the ball rolling to get justice for this young girl, as I dont think it would have been pursued fully if you hadn’t had the courage to repost what these boys had been posting, im so glad that they were charged and punished (if 10 months and 2 years are a punishment?).
    And I couldn’t believe someone tried to sue you for deformation of character? Seriously? You told the truth…. and people’s comments were the truth, whatever happened to freedom of speech? I live in the uk so we’re not quite so mad about sports, but it shouldn’t matter what standing someone has in a community, rape is rape and they should all be treated and punished the same way, not covered for by others because they’re football stars… it makes me so angry! Thankyou for being Jane Doe’s voice, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who believes you deserve some recognition for your actions, dont give up doing what you do, this world needs more people like you… xx

  • Alex

    Thank you. 🙂

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