“…a ‘special treatment’ kind of thing”

Pastor Everett Mitchell of Steubenville, Ohio was indicted and charged with 6 felony sex crimes and one misdemeanor. He was arraigned on Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to

  • sexual battery (2 felony counts);
  • attempted sexual battery (2 felony counts);
  • unlawful sexual conduct with a minor (1 felony count);
  • one felony count of attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor; and
  • sexual imposition, (misdemeanor. )

The Herald Star reported on and inquired about why Mitchell was released on his own recognizance. They questioned why the other gentleman who was arraigned the same day had a bond amount of $250,000.

The disparity between the cases wasn’t lost on Hanlin, who said there was no preferential treatment for the pastor. She said Mitchell wasn’t required to post bond because he “appeared voluntarily the first time, the way you’re supposed to.”

“If you appear, as he did, when you are supposed to, then the court will assume you will make (future) court appearances,” Hanlin said Thursday. “It was never a ‘special treatment’ kind of thing. He was never in custody.”

Herald Star, August 16, 2019

I reviewed over 400 criminal cases in Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas from mid 2016 through August 14, 2019. I am going to post the case #, the charges and the bond amount from 2017-2019. You be the judge of whether or not Mitchell received preferential treatment. I might add that the other person who received an OR (own recognizance) bond was a former Steubenville police officer who was charged with gross sexual imposition and was in a Pennsylvania VA hospital at the time of his indictment. Also, Everett Mitchell was a volunteer girls track coach for many years at Steubenville High School.

Case #Offense(s)Bond
18CR00001 GR SEX IMPSITN 01/01/10 F-3
GR SEX IMPSITN 01/01/10 F-3
 19CR00063 RAPE 04/12/19 F-1 $350,000
19CR00095 RAPE – 2907.02 06/11/19 F-1
RAPE – 2907.02 06/11/19 F-1
19CR00112 RAPE 07/25/19 F-1
RAPE 07/25/19 F-1
not on dockt
18CR00001 GR. SEX. IMPOS 04/08/18F-3 $40,000
18CR00141 RAPE   02/01/18           F-1 $500,000
18CR00183 IMPORTUNING   10/19/18 F-5
SEXUAL IMPOS    06/01/18        M-3
18CR00196 GR SEX IMPSITN  01/01/10  F-3
SEXUAL BATTERY   01/01/10   F-2
RAPE   01/01/10 F-1
17CR00016 RAPE              F-1
RAPE   01/20/16           F-1
RAPE   01/20/16           F-1
RAPE   01/20/16           F-1
GR SEX IMPSITN   01/20/16 F-3
GR SEX IMPSITN   01/20/16 F-3
GR SEX IMPSITN   01/20/16  F-3
GR SEX IMPSITN   01/20/16  F-3
17CR00057 GR. SEX. IMPOS  04/03/17 F-3
GR. SEX. IMPOS- 04/03/17  F-3
GR. SEX. IMPOS-2907.05 04/03/  F-3
17CR00086 GR. SEX. IMPOS-2907.05     05/22/17   F-3 $10,000.00
17CR00100 UNLAW SEX COND W/MIN   06/27/17   F-4 $7,500.00
17CR00149 CORR. OF A MINOR  2907.04   03/31/17  F-3
(former Steubenville police officer)
17CR00152 RAPE   10/18/17  F-1
Sex Imposition   10/18/17 F-3
GROSS SEXUAL IMPOS   10/18/17  F-4
17CR00162 RAPE   10/06/17           F-1
RAPE   10/06/17           F-1
GR SEX IMPSITN   10/06/17           F-3
GR SEX IMPSITN   10/06/17           F-3
17CR00175 CORRUPTION OF MINOR   11/16/17 F-3
SEX. BATTERY – 2907.03     11/16/17  F-3
SEX. BATTERY – 2907.03     11/16/17  F-3
17CR00187 GR SEX IMPOSIT.   12/02/17           F-4 $75,000.00

You can see the docket text for all of the above here.

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