I Broke It LOL

I was able to get my content back. Had to do a manual backup and the file is over the limit allowed. So, I’m waiting for new host to help me out because I’m not the greatest tech.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I lost 10 years of content when the former host decided to go down and didn’t contact me for three weeks. I am hoping my new host gets back to me SOON so I can get this taken care of. Again, sorry to anyone who came over looking for content.

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  • Alex

    Hi Melissa:

    Yes, generally that’s how you do it, but I had to change hosts because my former one went down. It took three weeks to get a response from them and by then I had gotten the new host — and DNS nameservers were pointing to the new host. So, I had to get into the cpanel at the old host to get the database which wasn’t the export from WordPress but the actual tables to drop (again due to nameservers being pointed to new server). It would have been much easier to just import it the traditional way, but this wasn’t a standard/traditional new import due to the hosting issues and lack of communication with them for weeks. Thanks for your input. 🙂

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