Arrest Made in Jonathan Minard Case

Carrollton, Ohio – Finally five months after Jonathan Minard was reported missing and later found buried in a shallow grave on property owned by a family friend, an arrest has been made.

Today Matthew Little was arrested after a grand jury indicted him on 15 counts related to Jonathan’s death.


Involuntary manslaughter F1 3 counts
Corruption of another with drugs F2
Involuntary manslaughter F3
Permitted drug abuse F5
Endangering of a child F3
Permitting drug abuse M1
Reckless homicide F3
Tampering with evidence F3
Corruption of another with drugs F4
Possession of Heroin F5
Gross abuse of a corpse F5
Falsification M1
Failure to report a death M4

BREAKING: Matthew Little, seen being escorted into the Carroll County jail in this video, has been arrested and indicted…

Gepostet von Jordan Miller – WKYC am Mittwoch, 4. September 2019
  • Friday, April 12 – Jonathan Minard goes to the Little farm to help milk;
  • Saturday, April 13 -Jonathan Minard allegedly wants to leave the Little farm to go home due to a toothache as told by POI Matt Little; Jonathan was going to the house to call his mother to come pick him up or he would start walking towards home – this is unclear from what has been released in the media;
  • Sunday, April 14 -Jo Hepner calls 911 to report Jonathan missing. Says he was last seen at 7:30 PM at the farm. Says in the call that his “wife” took off in truck to go find him and that *bleeped* walked into the house and then back out and Jonathan was gone.
  • Sunday, April 14 @ 1620 Facebook post by Dan Chris: “Prayers he is found. **redacted minor child** spent the night at the farm and said he wasn’t there. Said he went home b4 he got there **redacted minor child** got there 330 4oclock yesterday”
  • Sunday, April 14 @ 1927 Facebook post by Bonnie Little (Matt Little’s mother) “He didn’t come back to the farm to help milk as usual around 5:00 Saturday evening pm and he said he wanted to wait in New Harrisburg for his Dad to pick him up because he had a toothache. When Matt went back to New Harrisburg, Johnny was gone and Matt thought his Dad had picked him up.”
  • Monday, April 15, the Carroll County Sheriff’s office issued an alert asking residents to pay special attention to the area around Baxter’s Ridge church in Harrison Township.
  • Friday, April 19th – Sheriff Dale Williams revealed that Minard’s body was discovered around 10:15 a.m., buried in a shallow grave on a farm in Washington Township, approximately 90 miles southeast of Cleveland. He did not reveal the name of the farm owner.

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