Chris Hanson Calls Out YouTube Groomer

I had no clue that Chris Hanson was doing videos on YouTube until recently when I’ve been monitoring some YouTube channels for a project I’m working on, but was pleasantly surprised to see that he is still telling people to basically “have a seat”. I don’t know much about Onision and until I came across Chris Hanson’s channel had no clue who this person was, but WOW! The long and short of it is this person had a fairly large Youtube and Instagram following. Three years ago other vloggers started calling he and his wife (now husband) for grooming underage girls into sexual relationships with them and there have been accusations of sex slavery and/or indentured servitude. The whole thing is CRAZY and it would take me forever to detail everything that has gone down.

This channel rocks! This girl rocks and had called out Onision in 2016 with evidence from his forums where he was literally grooming in broad daylight. What is way cool is that these vloggers are using archive tools to find evidence against Onision and Kai to prove that not only were they grooming and having sexual relationships with minors, but that they were doing so publicly and no one was doing anything about it years ago.

Check it out. It’s an interesting story and I’m going to be watching to see if they are charged.

Medium Rare’s video:
Drama and Opinion’s video:
Repzion’s old video on the subject:

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