Fairmont, WV Racist David Kennedy

Residents and fellow city council members asked Fairmont City Council Member David Kennedy to resign after he posted racial slurs on social media. I’ve posted the screenshots below. It is shameful that people still speak like this or even think like this. To the individuals in Fairmont, WV who think that this is okay – you are part of the problem. Racism and bigotry is never okay.

David Kennedy of Fairmont, WV made disgusting racist comments on his Facebook and now refuses to resign from his city council position. He is using his military service and his oath to uphold the Constitution as the reason for not doing so. WHAT?

I can’t even believe that Debbie Del Signore would even ask such a question. Mr. Mills asked the racist to resign. Apparently this woman has no issue with the nasty comments made by Kennedy and is VERY MUCH part of the problem.
More information about Kennedy:

Fairmont City Council 1-14-2020

Andrew Mills, a Fairmont community member, asks Fairmont City Councilman David Kennedy to resign due to insensitive remarks Kennedy has made on Facebook.

Gepostet von The Fairmont News am Dienstag, 14. Januar 2020

If you would like to contact David Kennedy and urge him to resign his contact information is

Karl “David” Kennedy

Phone: 304-816-7438
Term Expires: 2022
Email David Kennedy

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