Baby Boy Horry Identified – Arrest Warrant Issued for Jennifer Sahr

I am constantly amazed at cold cases solved using public database DNA samples and forensic geneology. Another cold case has been solved out of Myrtle Beach, SC. In 2008 a baby boy was found dead by utility workers. He was in a Bath & Body Works tote bag and investigators believed that he was less than two days old. Locals were so profoundly touched by his case that they raised the money to have him buried and each year gather to celebrate his short life and honor his memory. The motorcycle group Rolling Thunder adopted him and honor his memory each and every year. The child was called Baby Boy Horry. How terribly sad is it that someone – and I will not call her his mother – tossed him out like garbage?

After 12 years of not knowing who the mother was, police have finally confirmed that Jennifer Sahr of Escambia County Florida is the mother of ‘Baby Boy Horry’ and a warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Sahr’s last name was previously Rickel and she was a student at Coastal Carolina University at the time the child was abandoned. Police made the announcement during a Tuesday press conference at the Horry County Courthouse. They also said that the Coroner has kept on this case since Baby Boy Horry was found. It’s very sad to me that perfect strangers cared for this child in death longer than the person who gave birth to him did. I will never understand how anyone can do this. It makes me wonder what Jennifer Sahr’s life has been like since she tossed her child out on the side of the road.

I’ll be watching this for updates and will post when I have more information. Hopefully she is arrested soon.

Sahr, 32, has not been located and anyone with information is asked to contact police.
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