Mikel Fetterman, Another CYS Failure

UPDATED 5/08/2020

Mikel Fetterman was 3 years old. His mom was more concerned with the weiner of the week than his safety, and now he is dead. Keith Lilly was watching Mikel while his mother, Teresa Fetterman, slept and claims that Mikel fell off the couch so he gave him Tylenol and when he woke up the next morning Mikel was unresponsive.

911 was called to the home on March 26. The mother said she was sleeping and the boy was left in the care of Keith Lilly. Lilly allegedly told officers that Mikel fell off the couch. He said he gave the boy Tylenol and then found him unresponsive and they called 911 around 1 AM. When Mikel got to the hospital, doctors discovered that he was covered in bruises, had a skull fracture, brain bleed and fractures all over in various stages of healing. They also allege that there “new injuries and old injuries of not only physical trauma that were suspicious of sexual abuse”.

Neighbors had called Child & Youth Services for weeks before Mikel was killed. They reported that he had black eyes, and yet he remained at the home with his piece of shit mother and his abuser. They reported that they suspected he was being sexually abused, and he was still left with his piece of shit mother and his abuser. They reported them to animal control and Teresa Fetterman was allegedly forced to sign over an emaciated dog to animal control, and yet no one came for Mikel to rescue him from his abusers.

There are other photos and screenshots at this Facebook group for Mikel and some of them were very hard to read. The people who were supposed to protect this child did nothing. https://www.facebook.com/pg/mikelarmy/photos/?tab=album&album_id=102381861449679&ref

Mikel Fetterman was 3 years old. I’m just going to go ahead and say out loud what everyone is thinking — this little boy didn’t stand a chance. The adults in his life failed him. His mother stayed with a man that had a violent past and who was alleged to be involved in the death of his ex (who he beat) in Florida. Yet Teresa Fetterman decided that the dick du jour was more important than keeping her baby safe. It is also noteworthy to mention that the family wasted no time in setting up a GoFundMe for hospital expenses when this child was and is eligible for Medicaid that covers hospital expenses.

I’m disgusted by all of these people who were supposed to protect this child. They all failed him and while I am always on the fence when it comes to the death penalty, I think I can honestly say that when it comes to adults who abuse and kill little kids I’m okay with the death penalty. Being able to have something that evil in you doesn’t go away. Those people don’t need to breathe the same air as we do and Keith Lilly needs to be held responsible for the death of this child and so does Teresa.

UPDATE: Keith Lilly, Jr. was charged with criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of endangering the welfare of children, one count of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child with serious bodily injury, and several other charges.


  • Christine kane

    I called cys and cops years ago I went to school w Theresa’s POS mom and know her dad mmf.he just blasted my address on Facebook too. Dianne Fetterman locked Theresa when she was four and her brother Mike jr in a attic in Lawrenceville to bar whore w a mike lauer who is on Megan’s law who she was dating at the time while she was separated from mmf. She also told me mmf raped Theresa at three she failed to protect her…I called Pittsburgh police that night because Diane told me the kids were in the room and asked me to meet her I was like hell no .I want nothing to do with her she’s crazy I known Diane sine 1990

  • donna

    Shame on that piece of SHIT. He has no right to live life to the fullest. He needs the death penalty. CYS Shame on you for allowing children to be abused. There needs to be some charges for the CYS people who ignored this child. So many children die because of abuse and it needs to stop. The mother is a piece of shit too that needs the death penalty.
    JUSTICE FOR MIKEL IS NEEDED just like Justice for Gabriel Fernandez. The torture these kids go through. Lets torture the people who do this to children.
    GOD BLESS THAT Family who has to live the rest of their lives without him.

  • Alex

    Theresa gets no pass from me. It is her duty to protect her child. She’s like so many other women who find that having penis in their lives is more important than the safety of their children. I hope that she gets charges soon.

  • Alex

    I did go through social media accounts, and hate to say it but this poor child was doomed from the start it seems. 🙁

  • Anita Mann

    Many of us knew that it was just a matter of time before Teresa Fetterman was arrested. Now we need to focus our attention on her father, who harbored Teresa at his home, defended and protected her. He is still running a GoFundMe for Mikel’s “hospital cost [sic], rehabilitation and expenses”. Since Mikel is dead and won’t be needing rehab, could he knock his goal down from $10,000? And with the PA victims’ fund and Medicaid, how much will he really need? Maybe if he hadn’t harbored a murderer while tugging at gullible people’s heartstrings, I wouldn’t be so bothered.

  • Alex

    I agree that the Gofundme needs to be removed. I think I reported it once, but I’ll go back and report it again.

  • Anita Mann

    Thank you Alex! Our mission now is to contact media outlets who do not do their homework in terms of investigative journalism and unwittingly endorse a controversial GoFundMe by linking to it their story, and worse, quoting from it. In the interest of full disclosure, all potential donors need to know that Michael Martin Fetterman not only defended his daughter Teresa but fed her, sheltered her and helped her retrieve belongings from the apartment she shared with Keith Lilly. This is BEYOND outrageous that he continues to tug at the heartstrings of readers when he was the one that handed Mikel back to his killers DESPITE the boy’s protestations, which he admitted. The boy’s unwillingness to return to his mother and her “chocolate troll” along with the bruises under his eyes, the healing clavicular fracture and other old, healing injuries should have spurred him to do the right thing. Did he get on Teresa’s case for not seeking medical attention when Mikel allegedly fell down the stairs? NO!!! Did he prod her to seek medical attention when she described him having “seizures”?
    NO!!! He was complicit and should be held accountable as well, and the fact that he harbored this egg donor charged with involuntary manslaughter should not be taken lightly!

  • Jenna Smith

    What I want to know is why the neighborhood did not intervene and take that child to the hospital.. once there, they would have known he was being abused and would not have been returned. His life could have been saved, so before you place blame on CYS, you could have helped as well. There is no way, I would not have taken that child to the emergency, once I saw two black eyes. This is why everyone is responsible to keep a vigil on any child, and if it looks wrong, take that child to the hospital. So to blame anyone is not solving the problem, it is everyone’s duty to report or take the child yourself if you suspect abuse.

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