MISSING: Maddie Bell 18 from Greenfield, Ohio

Madison Bell went missing on Sunday, May 17th. At approximately 10AM Sunday morning her mother, Melissa Montavon (Bell) reported that she was cleaning the house and her daughter, Maddie yelled to her that she was going tanning at the Country Corner Market which is a 6-minute drive from their Greenfield, Ohio home. Her boyfriend, Cody Mann, claims he was laying on the couch and half asleep when she left for tanning. It has been alleged that the night before Maddie, Melissa, Cody and Maddie’s grandmother had gone fishing.

Once Maddie left to go tanning she was never heard from again. She left at 10:00 but her mother claims that she started worrying that she hadn’t heard from Madison at around 10:45 AM and at 11:00 she states that she is panicking or a “little concerned” and texted her twice with no answer. She claims that she texted her two more times and no answer so she decided to call. When Maddie didn’t answer her phone, Melissa asked Cody to call. Madison was not answering and Melissa then decided to use find my iPhone app to ping Maddie’s phone which showed that the phone at least was in the church parking lot.

It is 700 feet from the Good Shepherd Church where Madison’s car was found to the Country Corner Market where she was to go tanning. It was reported that the cameras in the parking lot of the church are dummies and do not work. There was a camera at the Country Corner Market which captured a white car going by around the time that they think Maddie would have been on her way to tan. Locals had told authorities about a white sedan with California plates, but apparently that particular vehicle has been ruled out. They are, however, looking for a white sedan which they believe is a Nissan Ultima.

“A mother knows her child…. She would never, ever, ever pull over for anyone she didn’t know. Did she think it was someone from school? Did she think this was one of her classmates who needed help? She would never stop for a stranger. Never,”

Melissa Bell to WHIO TV

I have to disagree with this. A mother may think she knows her child, but I was a teenager once and my mother had no clue about half the stuff that I was into. They want to think they know, but they don’t. As for never stopping for a stranger that’s been proven through studies that more kids will disobey what their parents have taught them about talking to strangers, and who is to say that Maddie hadn’t been speaking to someone online? Her mother claims she only had Facebook and Pinterest, but again that’s hard to believe. Snapchat is very popular and is also one of the most notorious apps when it comes to creeps trolling for kids. Melissa Montavon says that her child is a very good girl, but who is to say that she didn’t meet someone online. Anything is possible and she is a teen girl who has had her boyfriend living in her home since she was 13 years old. Maybe she felt trapped and disappearing herself was the only option? There are far too few clues and no information to make a judgment at this point.

Highland County Sheriff put out this plea about an hour ago:


Current update: We still have not found Maddie. She was last seen by us leaving home at approximately 10am to go tanning…

Gepostet von Melissa Montavon am Sonntag, 17. Mai 2020

BUT… alas, it never ceases to amaze me the number of coffin flies who swarm Facebook and who use these missing persons cases as an invitation to be an asshole. A friend of the family posted this on Facebook yesterday with a message to Madison’s mother from a psychic.

Or the number of people in the Facebook groups who are just over the target on everything and are okay with making baseless accusations.

Below is a youtube interview with Melissa Montavon and Madison’s boyfriend, Cody Mann. It’s sometimes hard to get through because the host talks over himself interviewing Melissa and Cody, but there are some interesting points such as Cody stating that he had reached into the car when they found it and checked for keys in the ignition. He claims that he felt them still in the ignition and pointed out that he had been sure to tell the cops that. He also claims he took a 2 hour polygraph and passed.

It was also interesting to hear that Cody has lived with Maddie since she was 13 years old when they first started dating. I’m far from old fashioned and very liberal thinking, but that just doesn’t make sense to me and has all kinds of weird vibes that a mother would let her 13 year old move her boyfriend in and he’s been living there for 5 years. Having your boyfriend living literally on top of you doesn’t give you much opportunity to get away from him when you need to and especially being a teenager having to deal with that. It’s just very odd to me.

Update: Local reporter update


UPDATE: She may have had other social media. This is a tiktok account. It is unconfirmed, but I just can’t see a teenage girl only having FB when her friends are not using it. The kids think FB is for old people.


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