Princess Blue Has Been IDENTIFIED!!!!

Thirteen years ago a group of volunteers from Websleuths worked together to find the identity of the girl we called Princess Blue. We called her that because she didn’t have a name and was found with a class ring from the Class of 1975 of Robert E. Lee High School in Houston. Hundreds and hundreds of hours were spent pouring though NAMUS cases and searching the web for information. The ring was so significant that we bought an old Class of 1975 REL high school yearbook so we could go through the senior class to create a large mailing list to contact former students to ask about the ring. Below is the letter that we sent. We sent hundreds of them without result.

Years went by and her case got a bit of coverage through local media and some youtubers who highlighted it, but the mystery of her identity remained. I often wondered if she would ever be identified and am happy to report that she has her name back!!

Julie Gwenn Davis.

I keep saying her name over and over because I just can’t believe that FINALLY — FINALLY she has her name back and her family knows where she is.

Julie’s family needs financial assistance to have a funeral for her. Any help would surely be appreciated.

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  • Karen D

    I came across your blog after seeing the documentary on Netflix’s about the Stuebenville rape case. Have been scrolling your blog. Keep up the interesting posts 👍

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