E~Clause SovCit Homicide: “Someone’s Gonna Get Killed”

I had never intended on writing about this group of sovereign citizens/QAnon conspiracy theorists as my role in this story was in the background documenting and archiving evidence of criminal activity. On November 15, 2020 Christopher Hallett of Ocala, Florida was murdered in his home by a friend and associate, Neely Petrie-Blanchard. I never had a desire to write about this group but feel it is necessary now to disclose information in the hopes that other law enforcement agencies might get involved to stop this group from continuing to harm other innocent people. I also feel that had authorities taken the complaints lodged against this group seriously, perhaps it may have changed the course of events and Hallett’s life would have been spared, but here we are. There are many characters in this sovereign citizen soap opera, but they are all intertwined in their fraudulent and criminal enterprise and I think it is important to point out those connections, so this will likely be a long one.

Neely Petrie-Blanchard, 33, is accused of fatally shooting Christopher Hallett, 50, of Ocala, on Sunday, November 15. She was apprehended in Georgia and extradited back to Marion County, Florida over the weekend. Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials said deputies were called around 9 p.m. Sunday to Hallett’s home where they found he had been shot several times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Neely Petrie-Blanchard has been charged with murder.

What is frustrating about this murder is the number of people who have made calls to the FBI, to various agencies and myself to multiple state agencies literally begging them to investigate before someone was killed. These people are so fringe and so dangerous, that to date there are now multiple major crimes committed by associates of this group. I’ll detail those in a bit, but here is an email I sent to the state attorney in Marion County regarding Hallett’s unauthorized practice of law which is a felony in the state of Florida after I had lodged a complaint with the Florida Bar Association. Rather than investigate as the state bar association had referred them to do, the state attorney Brad King declined to do so. He apparently has a history of alleged dereliction of duty. It is Hallett’s unauthorized practice of law and scamming that landed him in the position that he is currently in: dead. And it is the influences of this sovereign citizen group that have impacted multiple lives forever in ways that can never be repaired. Hallett is dead, others have lost their children, and there are probably others waiting in the wings to act out on the anti-government rhetoric that this group has been disseminating via social media.

November 16, 2020 to Brad King, outgoing Fifth District State Attorney, Marion County, Florida

Over a decade ago, I became aware of Timothy Charles Holmseth. One google search of his name provides enough information to figure out that he is a right wing nut job, and in my opinion, an untreated schizophrenic who has spent the past 10+ years of his life posting defamatory content about innocent victims whom he perceives to be pedophiles and child traffickers. He also claims to be a government operative and member of a super secret squirrel pedophile task force and Children’s Crusade. Holmseth has multiple lifelong restraining orders against him and has a felony record – something that many of those associated with him have in common. Holmseth has repeatedly violated the restraining orders. The problem with enforcing a restraining order against someone is obviously mentally ill is that they don’t abide by the law like others would. A normal person would simply STFU up and move on, but not Timothy Charles Holmseth. That’s what normal people would do, but Timothy Charles Holmseth is far from normal. He is an individual who spends every waking moment of his life for the past decade harassing and trying to destroy lives by making outlandish claims and when he doesn’t get the attention he wants, he weaponizes the court to file vexatious lawsuits forcing his victims to spend thousands on legal fees. Holmseth’s aggression and hatefulness seems to be rooted in jealousy because he is a nobody. Literally. He claims to be one man away from the president and the only reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (that doesn’t exist), but in all actuality he is a nobody who probably has an untreated mental illness.

He is a former pizza delivery guy/janitor who is so odious that he was fired from his job for having horrible body odor, and once he was terminated because he accused people of trying to frame him by sprinkling dust on envelopes to capture his fingerprints. IMO he is not a mentally well person and as far as I’m concerned and from what I have witnessed just in this past year, Timothy Charles Holmseth has the capacity to become violent as his associates have done. Holmseth is an idiot when all is said and done, but the problem isn’t just him being an idiot; he is deceiving and radicalizing mentally unwell people and they are acting out on his crazy fantasies.

Holmseth has attacked me claiming that I am a Satanic operative – which is hilarious because I don’t believe in Satan. He’s also so mentally unstable that he makes outright defamatory comment accusing myself and others of death threats if our demands aren’t met. Of course, his allegations are bold faced lies, but then again look at who is making these claims. The derelict who has spent a decade spewing lies, filth and child rape stories isn’t the most credible source on the interwebs. He has accused others of child trafficking, pedophilia and sexual abuse of children, but in my humble opinion Timmy is probably projecting. It’s all he talks about and those around him who continue to offer him shelter while he is absconding from justice are no different. He and his handler, Randi Lyn Erickson are also racists who have made statements to me about who I date which is none of their business, but skin color is an issue with them and so I felt I needed to also point out that not only is he a dangerous wack job, but he’s a garbage racist.

Holmseth appears to have such chronic psychological issues that religious themes of destruction and vengeance become central in his pedophilic diatribes and conspiracy theories. It is all he writes about and his followers have no problem in exploiting children of sex abuse by reposting photos or making up lies about their trauma. Satanic sexual ritual abuse appears to be a regular part of his fantasies. He has been suspended from nearly every major social media platform because he was using them to defraud and deceive countless numbers of unsophisticated persons who aren’t smart enough to discount his claims as schizophrenic fantasy. Recently, Holmseth has made claims that were fact checked by Facebook and Reuters because his garbage posts gained traction among the conspiracy theory groups. He claimed that thousands of children were rescued from underground tunnels and had been there so long they resembled moles and some were even pig hybrids because the military is creating these beings. *insert giant yawning eye roll here*.

Reuters was unable to find any reliable reports pertaining to the post’s central claim that 35,000 children had been found and rescued from “secret tunnels” in the U.S.’s largest city. Users on social media appear to take this as a sign of the media’s complicity in obscuring the relevance of this story, an argument often used in conspiracy theories. One example comment on the lack of reporting states: “They want this to be hidden.”

Reuters Fact Check team

Timothy Holmseth’s crimes and criminal behavior would take me days to write. Maybe at some point I’ll do a detailed accounting of this habitual stalker and offender. For now I’ll just focus on his association with E-Clause and others in various sovereign citizen/anti CPS groups and the influence he has on them. Holmseth is currently wanted on arrest warrants out of the state of Minnesota and Florida for criminal aggravated stalking and violation of protection orders. The Holmseth connection to the murder of Christopher Hallett is important because it also highlights the group’s escalation in criminal actions whether it be them or their followers. I do believe that these people are dangerous and until they are stopped by authorities, people will continue to be harmed in their name or doing their bidding.

Holmseth and his group exploit children of sexual abuse. It is part of their rhetoric as they believe in QAnon conspiracy theories that a deep state cabal is out to get Trump and are trafficking and killing children. Holmseth even goes so far as to use photos of children from the Holocaust to deceive his followers about his disgusting lies about raped mole kids. This is a recent tweet from yet another social media account that has been restricted or suspended because he spews garbage.

Ten years ago Holmseth was the recipient of a lifelong restraining order for harassment and stalking. Holmseth violated the restraining order multiple times and had been charged and found guilty of the violations. He was to appear in East Grand Forks, MN for trial on another violation. He became involved with Chris Hallett and Kirk Pendergrass of E~Clause in July 2019 through his associate, Field McConnell, who is currently on house arrest for felony aggravated stalking and for helping Holmseth third party harass one of his victims. Rather than getting a real attorney, Holmseth relied on sovereign citizen LOLyers to assist him in his legal case. He also claims that he is in “dry dock” and a court of law has no jurisdiction over him. Hallett and Pendergrass advised him to no show for his court appearance which prompted the judge to issue a bench warrant for his arrest. Holmseth has been on the run since August 2019 and many people from the E-Clause circle are helping him stay on the lamb to evade apprehension – one of those is Randi Lyn Erickson.

Holmseth used Field McConnell to spew his lies and baseless claims against his victim because he was at least smart enough to realize that he could still be charged with additional violations if he did so. As a result, McConnell was the subject of a restraining order as he was making death threats and encouraging his supporters to do the same. When he violated the restraining order ON AIR while doing his youtube live show, he was then charged with aggravated criminal harassment and violation of the restraining order which is a felony in Florida. McConnell was extradited to Broward County from his Wisconsin home and is now awaiting trial because Timothy Charles Holmseth used him as a third party to harass his victim. For more of McConnell’s greatest hits check out this youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCysWY0qMllu-dJ_vk29fpjQ/videos

In the past year Timothy Charles Holmseth, Chris Hallett, Kirk Pendergrass of E-Clause have been associated with other felony crimes. Their words and their hundreds of lies posted to social media have radicalized unsophisticated individuals. These people influenced others who – let’s just be real here, okay? – who are not the sharpest crayons in the box. They believed their lies and they acted on them. They were indoctrinated into a cult for lack of a better explanation. These people were given “legal advice” by E-Clause, Holmseth and others in the group or they believed in the grandiose fantasies told by Holmseth of mole kids and pig hybrid babies being rescued from underground tunnels. They believed the lies that Holmseth, Hallett and others are telling that CPS is actually sex trafficking children or that the rules of the court don’t apply to them as they are sovereign and only god rules them. As a result these individuals have committed crimes either on behalf of or because they had been radicalized by this group and they are either in jail, have lost their children permanently or are dead.

TPR means termination of parental rights. This is an e-clause client.

1.     Dec. 30, 2019: Cynthia Abcug of Parker, CO was arrested in Kalispell, MT after being on the run from charges originating in Douglas County, CO in which she is accused of conspiring to commit armed kidnapping. An associate of Holmseth and E-Clause had traveled to Colorado to assist Abcug in a conspiracy to forcibly remove her son from the foster home placement he was in after he was removed from her care as she was accused of medical abuse (Munchausen’s by proxy).  Cynthia had been on the Field McConnell show and the man who went to Colorado to assist her in the armed kidnapping was Ryan Wilson who is the boyfriend of Sarah Dunklin, the treasurer and a member of Field McConnell’s cult. In this video Cynthia states that there is someone downstairs in her home as “security” from the Children’s Crusade which is the fake organization Field McConnell claimed to run which was going to create a veterans home for PTSD old guys and abused children to live together in harmony.

2.     March 26, 2020:  Neely Blanchard kidnapped her twin daughters who her mother has custody of and was the subject of a nationwide Amber Alert. She was arrested on charges of two counts of kidnapping and two counts of custodial interference. Ms. Blanchard is an associate of Timothy Charles Holmseth and a sovereign citizen group E-Clause who provides legal services to mothers with CPS cases. Ms. Blanchard was indicted by a grand jury in Kentucky last week for kidnapping, however, she was being held in a Lowndes County, Georgia jail on murder charges out of Florida.

3.     April 29, 2020: Jessica Prim of Rockford, IL was arrested in New York City after she live streamed on Facebook herself near the naval ship USS Intrepid and after posting on Facebook a post that read, “Hillary Clinton and her assistant, Joe Biden and Tony Podesta need to be taken out in the name of Babylon! I can’t be set free without them gone. Wake me up!!!!!”  The Secret Service had put out an alert after she posted threatening comments on Facebook. She was also a follower of Timothy Charles Holmseth and posted positively on Facebook about Holmseth’s “mole children” claim.

4.     June 11, 2020:  Alpalus Slyman of Massachusetts was arrested after leading police on a chase with his five children who ranged from 8 months to 13 years old. He live-streamed some of the incident on Facebook before allegedly ramming a cruiser and crashing into a tree in North Hampton. Mr. Slyman was a follower of Timothy Charles Holmseth.  Inspired and radicalized by Holmseth videos he had watched online, Slyman warned his children during the high speed chase that the police were coming to abduct them and traffic them which is the propaganda that Holmseth spreads to his followers. Mr. Slyman was quoting directly from Holmseth videos during the livestream of the police chase as he was putting his children’s lives and others in grave danger.

5.     July 2020:  Sarah Dunklin, Holmseth’s associate became embroiled in a custody battle of her daughter.  She claimed that she is a team member of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and has filed sovereign citizen documents endorsed by Holmseth and the others in his group. She believed that children in CPS care were being sexually abused in satanic rituals and she also encouraged mothers with CPS cases to take off with their children.

6.     Oct. 1, 2020: Emily Jolley was arrested in Oregon after she abducted her 6-year-old son from his father, who has legal custody. An Amber Alert was issued in this matter. Jolley’s Facebook page was filled with QAnon references and she is a follower of Timothy Charles Holmseth and E-Clause. In December, she posted a Holmseth video that claimed Child Protective Services abducts children and drains them of adrenochrome. Jolley has been charged with a third-degree felony of custodial interference across state lines and is wanted in the State of Utah.

7.  November 15, 2020: Neely Petrie-Blanchard killed her friend and associate, Chris Hallett of E-Clause in his home in Ocala, FL. She fled the scene and was arrested the next morning in Lowndes County, Georgia. Hallett had been “helping” Neely for several years on her CPS cases and most recently with the kidnapping charge out of Kentucky. It is being said that Neely called Chris on Thursday and told him she needed to come get paperwork. Chris and his new girlfriend, Shannon, couldn’t figure out why she needed to come to the house because he could have just emailed the documents to her, but they spent the weekend hanging out with Neely. On Sunday, November 15 Neely left for about an hour and when she returned, Shannon had allegedly gone into her room to take a phone call and heard what she at first thought was firecrackers. She and her daughter raced to the kitchen area and saw Hallett clutching his chest as Neely stood before him with a gun. It is being alleged that she also pulled the trigger at Shannon and her daughter but the gun jammed. Neely killed Hallett in cold blood. She must have realized that he was doing nothing to “help” her in her cases, and that he had made matters worse by indoctrinating her into believing in sovereign citizen ideas. Neely was indicted on that Tuesday in Kentucky for kidnapping and was expected in court on November 17th to show cause for contempt in her other cases.

8.  Melissa Grover – associate of E~Clause who attempted to intervene in her son’s arrest with Kirk on the phone telling the police they did not have jurisdiction over her son and the cop flicked the papers in the ground.

9. Monica Greer Justice aka Rexton Lotus Justice: Columbus, Ohio shootout with police who shot and injured two Columbus police officers. Justice was a student of the E-Clause group and during her standoff had spouted sovereign citizen ideology spread by E-Clause. She is currently awaiting trial in a Franklin County, Ohio court.

10. Danielle Stella is a Minnesota woman who was running for Ilhan Omar’s seat. She came with a lot of baggage, including a warrant for her arrest on a shoplifting case. Michael Olsen, DC of Osceola, WI and Trace Jo Remington were members of “The Children’s Crusade” and believed they were working for a super secret squirrel agency and hid Stella out in a motel while she was on the run. Stella made claims that they would not allow her to leave and had disabled her vehicle preventing her from leaving. She was also hidden out at Sarah Dunklin’s home in Arkansas.

So, how can you help break up this criminal enterprise before someone else is killed or permanently harmed? You can start off by calling the Anoka County Sheriff’s office in Elk River, MN and demand that they apprehend Timothy Charles Holmseth who is currently residing at the home of Randi Erickson in Elk River. The Sheriff has said that they are only arresting felony warrants at the moment due to COVID-19 but Holmseth needs to be apprehended before he causes more harm.

Anoka County Sheriff’s Office
13301 Hanson Boulevard NW
Andover, MN 55304

Phone:  763-324-5000Fax:  763-324-5036
sheriff@co.anoka.mn.us *

Bryon Fuerst

Commander Email Phone: (763) 324-5201

Kirk Pendergrass has made it known that he plans on moving forward with his unauthorized practice of law. If you would like to make a complaint against him, you may do so anonymously.

Pursuant to Section VIII of the Idaho Bar Commission Rules, 800 et seq., Bar Counsel has the authority to investigate complaints of unauthorized practice of law under the direction of the Standing Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law.

Under I.B.C.R. 801(i), the unauthorized practice of law is the practice of law without being duly qualified to do so, as prohibited by statute, court rule, or case law of the State of Idaho.

If you believe that someone has engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in Idaho, you may submit a written statement to:

Bar Counsel’s Office
Idaho State Bar
P.O. Box 895
Boise, ID 83701

Levi Page has done some great reporting on this group.


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