Dr. Tammy “We Just Stormed the Capitol”

First things first: Why haven’t Dr. Tammy and Nurse Melissa been arrested yet? Over 200 people have been arrested so far but she hasn’t.

Meet Dr. Tammy Towers Parry a Family Medicine Doctor in Seattle, WA. Dr. Tammy went to the insurrection on January 6 and filmed herself and “Nurse Melissa” her traveling pal not only in line to unlawfully enter the Capitol Building, but also did a video detailing her crime proclaiming that they had “…just stormed the Capitol”. Dr. Tammy is an extremist, and in my opinion, she and others like her are very dangerous because of their beliefs. Dr. Tammy is also associated with a group that has racked up at least a dozen felony crimes by closely linked group members or their cult-like following. She is also a fan of Field McConnell who deserves a whole blog series just on him.

“We just stormed the Capitol.. it’s the least we can do, so God Bless America. Joe Biden did not win. He’s hopefully going to prison”

Who is Dr. Tammy? She came on the scene around 2018 after a Twitter video of her went viral explaining who Q was. She had that video pinned to her Twitter account until she was suspended days after the Capitol Insurrection on January 6. Dr. Tammy’s life seems to have fallen apart at some point over the past few years and it allowed for her to be indoctrinated by right-wing extremists like Timothy Charles Holmseth and Field McConnell. From what I have been able to find online, she was a well respected physician. It’s hard to imagine someone who is a professional and well educated would turn into a QAnon zombie. There are so many like her who have fallen down the rabbit hole of Qanon.

It has been several weeks now since domestic terrorists attempted to overthrow democracy. Those who stormed the building were not “patriots”; they are violent extremists. What fascinates me more than anything is how you define these people – are they mentally ill or are they woefully gullible and believe anything that is told to them. Many of those arrested are now claiming that they were acting on the orders of Donald Trump. It’s all fun and games until they get to the “find out” part of F around and find out.

Over the past year and a half, I have watched as many of these individuals ramped up their political and extremist rhetoric. I have sent information to many federal and state authorities because I knew at some point these people would become dangerous. Many of these individuals were radicalized by another domestic terrorist, Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Below are some tweets and videos featuring Dr. Tammy. She’s an interesting case. She is a flat earther and believes in many conspiracy theories – including Austin Steinbart who claims he is Q and is from the future.

This video really sums up what people think of Tammy.

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