QAnon Mom Trial to Begin August 2

It has been awhile since I’ve written here and I do apologize to those who faithfully check in for content and for those who email me encouraging me to update more often. I’m contributing content at Every now and then I join Levi Page on his YouTube livestream and we talk true crime and probably a lot of smack. LOL I wanted to do an update on Cynthia Abcug – a woman accused of being a Munchausen mom and conspiring to commit armed kidnapping of her son.

Abcug’s son was removed by social workers from her home in January 2019 after Abcug was suspected of lying about his health problems. She hit the YouTube “anti-CPS” circuit and accused CPS of sexually assaulting her child. There is no shortage of these “truther” types on the YouTube platform and she was appearing as a guest on MANY of them. I became aware of her when she appeared on Field McConnell’s show. I am aware of McConnell because I have been monitoring him and his sovereign citizen/Qanon group for over 2 years. He is currently awaiting trial for felony aggravated felony stalking.

Cyndie appeared on his “show” and was introduced to Ryan Wilson who claimed to be a military sniper. Field and his group sent Wilson to Colorado allegedly with a weapon to assist in the armed removal of her son from a foster placement. While Ryan stayed at Abcug’s home and on her couch, her daughter had gone to school counselors to tell them of the strange QAnon man who was sleeping on the couch and she was concerned about what they were conspiring to do. Counselors contacted law enforcement and Abcug ultimately also lost custody of her daughter after her comments to her counselor led police to open an investigation against Abcug.

Cyndie then went on the run. She was to appear at an emergency family court hearing for her daughter being removed and rather than show up, she ran with Ryan Wilson to

One of the cases that I had written about previously is getting ready to go to trial beginning Monday, August 2 in Colorado. We’ll call her QAnon Mom as the crime she is accused of (conspiracy to commit armed kidnapping) was QAnon motivated and she got herself involved with some nefarious creatures who practice sovereign citizen ideologies and heavily believe QAnon conspiracy theories. The following is a video that Glow, a fantastic archivist and YouTuber has put together that provides a timeline of the days and events that led up to her trying to kidnap her son from a foster placement.

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