Let’s Call It What It Is: RAPE – NOT “misconduct”

One would think that society would evolve; that some parents had raised their children not to be garbage, but nope…here we are again. Recently in Proctor, Minnesota an LGBTQ student was held down by Proctor High School football players and was sodomized with a plunger handle. If that’s not horrific enough, the RAPE was filmed and shared on snapchat. It almost sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The community over 3,000 is split between those calling it out as what it is — RAPE and those who are claiming it is “hazing” or just misconduct.

Proctor Public Schools has issued a statement and locked their Twitter down because that doesn’t make them look bad at all. The football season was cancelled for the rest of the season because that’ll learn ’em! Hopefully the investigation ends in charges being filed because this is not okay.

Superintendent John Engelking provided the following statement on the matter:

“Proctor Public Schools has been made aware of student misconduct on the Proctor High School football team. The Proctor Police Department is currently investigating the misconduct with the full cooperation of Proctor Public Schools. At this point, the specific allegations and the nature of the complaint are not public data. Because student data is protected under the Minnesota Data Privacy Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and we can’t comment further on the investigation.”

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    I thought I heard that this rape was to retaliate against the 16 yo boy who originally took a d!ck-pic of the 18yo boy and then showed it around school? **NOT acceptable behavior AT ALL-from either child** But unfortunately, this seems to be something that may have come from some kind of bullying and escalated in a horrible way for everyone involved. Sad.

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