As I posted last week, my blog went down and it was nearly three weeks before I heard from the host to even get a backup of my content. I was finally able to get the backup, but for whatever reason the database will not migrate properly and no new posts or comments can be made. You can comment on […]

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I Broke It LOL

I was able to get my content back. Had to do a manual backup and the file is over the limit allowed. So, I’m waiting for new host to help me out because I’m not the greatest tech. I apologize for the inconvenience. I lost 10 years of content when the former host decided to go down and didn’t contact […]

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“…a ‘special treatment’ kind of thing”

Pastor Everett Mitchell of Steubenville, Ohio was indicted and charged with 6 felony sex crimes and one misdemeanor. He was arraigned on Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to sexual battery (2 felony counts); attempted sexual battery (2 felony counts); unlawful sexual conduct with a minor (1 felony count); one felony count of attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor; and […]

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