I love to write, and have been writing since I was a child.  I am a social media  analyst.  I provide training for parents and educators on the importance of monitoring social media, as well as teaching how to do so.  My business also offers social media profiles for parents who do not know how to navigate their child’s social media use.   I don’t always write about true crime and often post snarky items in response to local and national news.

I support civil rights, and I support our criminal justice system.  I believe in freedom of speech however, I will not tolerate comments or behavior that disrupts my blog.   You don’t have to like it, but you should be intellectual enough to discuss your opinion in an educated and non-threatening manner.  Otherwise, there are thousands of other places on the internet that you might fit in better.

If you would like to email me or have some information you want to share, please feel free to use the contact form.  I try to answer all of them personally.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Pardon the dumb technology question post, but I am trying to subscribe to you, dammit, and I cannot find the lil button I’m supposed to click!
    A wanna-be follower

  2. Burl Barer says:

    Expressing my feelings after reading your blog.

  3. dianeax says:

    Are you permanently or temporarily private?

    What’s up w/@prinnified ?


  4. dianeax says:


    I didn’t think so, but maybe.

    Is your forum hosted on WordPress? It was the WordPress sign in page saying if you’ve been invited to read this blog enter username and password.

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