I don’t have good news to report. After a decade with my former hosting company, they sold to a new host and in doing so, ALL of my content was deleted. Gone. A decade’s worth of blog entries and history and it is unrecoverable. The new company is scandalous and a scam, and I can’t even begin to describe how I feel that all of the content is gone forever. If you really want to read the old stuff, I’m sure it’s on webarchive, but it won’t be back here. I don’t have time right now to look for old backups. Maybe one day I’ll have a moment to find them on my thumb drives and upload, but for now…new canvas – new thoughts.

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. I’ll do a long post soon about everything, but for now…here we are.

After Wilson passed away three years ago, I finally was able to get a new pup. I drove 6 hours round trip to save him from an Amish puppy mill. He’s a 5 month old Jack Russell and his name is Wendell. He’s the sweetest little guy! He reminds me of Wilson in so many ways. I think he’s quite the handsome fellow.

I’m doing GREAT! I’ve lost 80 pounds. My health is great and I’m no longer diabetic or on high blood pressure medications. I feel good about myself when I hadn’t for a very long time. I am still a chunk by society’s standards, but I would look gross in a size 6. Big German body structure got me. LOL

And if someone has to remark on my fatness…well they can kiss my ample ass, because does it really matter? If that’s all they’ve got then I’m doing good.

I still have crazy people who spend their lives spewing hate. Sad, really. While the rest of the world is living and embracing every moment, these fools are wasting their lives away with venom. That can’t be healthy. I’ll be posting about them. They are QAnon crazies and sovereign citizens who are on the FBI radar. You know me…my life is never a dull moment and things ALWAYS come full circle. This shall, too.

By alex

One thought on “Updates! Updates!”
  1. Hi Alex:
    I am just NOW seeing your video “Roll Red Roll”.
    I am also a survivor: twice, maybe more – another possible event is hard to remember…
    I was really impressed the way the Anonymous came out to the rally!!!
    I lost my data too (managed to retrieve my photos, thank goodness)!
    Keep up the good work!!!
    ~A. TrueCrime Junkie

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